Ethos In Jfk Inaugural Address

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The inaugural address of the president is the first time that the candidate that the American people elected speaks with the influence and authority of the president. Because of this, the address can be extremely influential to both the nation, their term, and the influence of the president in office. Therefore, the inaugural address is very important and needs to be clear and powerful. Because of the importance of this address, using proper rhetoric is vital to the success of the speech. It is only through the balance of logic, emotion, and reputation that the speech properly put forth its message. Because of this importance, John F. Kennedy wrote the speech to have a message that would resonate with the people and have proper rhetoric. The message that he wants to tell to the audience is how he will be faithful to the will of the people and the striving for freedom and our God-given rights. One of the significant …show more content…

The use of ethos is as essential as both logos and pathos. Although ethos is primarily not shown through what is said, it is still important to how a consumer views and understands your argument. Ethos is the appeal of someone’s character. Because ethos is based upon someone’s character, the words that are said rarely affect how someone is viewed by the reader because what is said is viewed through the lens of what the viewer thinks of the writer. Poor ethos will work against logos and pathos and good ethos will boost them. Even if you did not know the character of John F. Kennedy, you would assume his character was good, based on the fact that he was elected as the president of the United States. Because of this, his speech was given a feeling of authority and a certain amount of trust. This was also bolstered by his lack of boasting or gloating over his victory over the other candidates. Because he focused mainly on what his precedence meant for others, his words were given a feeling of

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