What Is The Thesis Of Jfk Inaugural Address

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JFK’s Inauguration Address On January 20, 1961 one of the greatest speeches ever delivered was read by John F. Kennedy. On that day President Dwight Eisenhower, our 34th President, was ending his presidency and John F. Kennedy was entering as our new President. He made his speech outside from the East Front of the Capital on a cheerful and cold day(Nelson). Unlike Eisenhower, Kennedy was all about change and high energy leadership which can be seen in his address. Presidents work hard on their inaugural addresses so they can be the best it can be. There were many speculations on who wrote the address. They say that he would give false impressions that he wrote it by himself. But that was not the case, Theodore Sorensen wrote a book stating …show more content…

He wanted the United States to succeed even if it wasn’t going to be in his term as a presidency he wanted to start something and leave his footprint which he did. I agree with his thesis on how he says in an inauguration we are not just celebrating a president winning in an election but of the freedom that we still have in the United States. Also in what he states it’s not just the ending but a beginning I believe he is talking about not only is it the ending of the 34th president but the beginning of the 35th. The next part of his thesis says that it’s a renewal and as well as a change. I also agree with him on that because it is a renewal of some things that the president before him and others have done but is also a change that he wants to do to the country. John F. Kennedys Inauguration Address is basically one of the greatest speeches of all times. He is also one of the most loved presidents by the people having almost everyone on his side. That is why his speech is so much a part of history because he was that one president that many were on his side. Even though he did not make it through his first full term of presidency because of his assassination his speech till this day makes an impression on people. It shows the way he was and the way he wanted to be and just overall how he wanted the nation to

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