Analysis Of John F. Kennedy's Inauguration, 50 Years On

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The two essays and the picture in question all have differing styles. All of the pieces also contain different focuses, which contribute to their difference in style and tone. Inaugural Address, January 20, 1961 is an account of the words that John F Kennedy spoke shortly after being sworn into the office of the president of the United States. Inside Kennedy’s Inauguration, 50 Years On by Eleanor Clift is a collection of personal of individuals who were present at the event in 1961. Inauguration of John F. Kennedy, the photograph captured by the United States Army of Signal Corps, shows a clear depiction of the event. These three pieces all share a common goal but approach that goal in a variety of ways. John F, Kennedy’s inaugural address is known as one of the most impactful and authoritative of all United States presidents. In his speech Kennedy includes personal goals, challenges to US citizens, religious elements, and warnings to other nations. Some of the …show more content…

This piece is a collection of interview by numerous individuals who experienced the event first hand. The article includes quotes and stories from individuals such as Kennedy’s daughter, his colleagues, and world famous poet Robert Frost. Those interviewed shared a variety of memories. Kennedy’s daughter Kathleen-- who was nine years old at the time-- remember’s being too short to see around the adults surrounding her, “I scooted up to see what I could on a small TV”. A few others included memory of the inclimate weather, cold and dreary. Poet Robert Frost spoke of being unable to read the poem he had prepared because of the blazing sun and as a result, had to recite another piece from memory. Brooklyn Rep. Eugene Keogh was one of many to take notice of JFK as the first Irish Catholic president to take office. Because most of the article is factual, personal narratives the style can be classified as an informative

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