Jfk Inaugural Address Analysis

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For my speaker and speech analysis assignment, I chose JFK’s inaugural address speech. I chose this speech because I think he has an interesting story and with this speech, he inspired a great amount of optimism and patriotism in America. It is often considered one of our country’s most important speeches. In my analysis, I will be focusing on JFKs background, and many aspects of his speech including his delivery, organizational, persuasive and rhetorical techniques. According to the JFK Library, our 35th president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was the first Catholic president, the youngest man to be elected as president and also the present who died the youngest. These factors may have all had an effect on his speeches, and could play a role in what makes him so memorable. He was recognized by many as young and charming, and as a president who would bring optimism and change to the country. His unexpected assassination made a huge impact on the world, which could make him and his speeches even more …show more content…

With the importance of the speech, and the amount of effort it required to write this speech perfectly, I’m sure he wouldn’t want to mix it up in any way. This style of delivery is not the style I would prefer to listen to, but I’m sure it was appropriate for a president, especially at that time. Something to keep in mind is the cold weather he gave the speech in. Speaking in such cold weather could have made a difference in his tone and delivery style. He appeared very confident and in a position of power and respect. He glanced down at his papers, but made good eye contact and talked directly to the people when he looked up. His tone changed with the importance of the words and phrases he was saying and the points he was trying to make. He also used well placed pauses that emphasize and add importance to what he is saying. He made hand gestures which are mostly hidden by the podium until the end of his

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