David Burner's John F. Kennedy And A New Generation

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John F Kennedy was a level headed, determined and well accomplished person. During his short-lived presidency, he had to take on challenges like no other and did it with sophistication and grace. From conflicts involving other countries, like Vietnam, to the Civil Rights Movement that directly affected our own country, Kennedy continued to take each problem day by day until there was an overall improvement or resolution. It would be safe to say that he is one of the more progressive presidents our country has ever seen. David Burner’s John F. Kennedy and a New Generation was written with the sole purpose of giving an insight into Kennedys upbringing and presidency in an entirely unbiased approach. From the beginning of the book Burner makes it very clear that he was raised in a wealthy house hold with a strong authoritarian father. However, Kennedy did not let this affect the expectations, morals and ideals he imposed on the new generation under him. I believe Burner chose to write this book to provide insight on John F. Kennedys often overlooked earlier years with a mostly unbiased eye. During these opening sections, Burner is strictly stating facts about the Kennedy family without elaboration on his point of view. Some people would consider “Joe [choosing] banking as a quick route to attain his goal of becoming a millionaire” the corrupt …show more content…

Not only was Burner well educated through various degrees from renowned colleges, he also had firsthand experience on all things John F Kennedy. This makes my overall impression of the book more credible because he kept it solely factual and at the readers’ discretion to form their opinions. It would have been Just as easy for Burner to turn around write an entire book on his perspective on Kennedy since it directly affected his lifetime, but he went against his better judgment and kept things as historically and factually accurate as

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