How Did Jfk Influence America

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The 35th president of the United States intrigues me the most because of his influence on the people of America, specifically voters. John F. Kennedy most certainly did not get everything right, but he influenced the voters in a way Americans had never seen. Kennedy was excellent at delivering speeches and giving Americans a familiar face to trust. He was personable and seemed honest, and that was good enough for the people of America. Not to mention, he was a total babe. Kennedy was born May 29, 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts. He came from a wealthy family and was shown early on the power in money. Kennedy was one of nine siblings, most of which achieved great accomplishments in their lifetime. He and his siblings remained close throughout their lives and continued to support and encourage each other. I believe having a large family is a huge reason as to why Kennedy was so likable to the American people. Kennedy didn 't always excel in school. He was often lazy and unmotivated to do his work and only really tried in the classes he enjoyed. Kennedy was well-liked and many people simply enjoyed being around him, but even in college he repeated the same patterns of laziness and never fully …show more content…

Kennedy 's personality made him personable. The way he would speak to Americans like he was their friend but also their leader captivate Americans. The way he presented himself to the public, never showing that he was nervous or stressed, but always looking like he had everything together comforted Americans. Kennedy influence America by changing the way we vote. Since his election in 1960, voting has never been the same. It is no longer about what how well a person did in school, but about how well-liked they are. It is no longer about how much experience a person has, but the speeches he/she can give that can make it sound otherwise. It is no longer about what is in a persons head but about what is on the exterior. It is about how they look and act and present

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