John F Kennedy Speech Rhetorical Devices

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John F Kennedy, is very well known for his diligence and his persuasion. Being called for a news conference due to the hike in steel prices by at least 3.5 percent. John F. Kennedy used strategies such as, diction, statistics, and he also uses an emotional appeal to come at the steel companies. President Kennedy starts his speech off with a strict tone by saying, ¨In this serious hour in our nation's history¨, by saying this he is stating the steel companies know that there is an increase in the steel prices that is a national problem. Kennedy acknowledges that this problem affects everyone and repetition. Kennedy uses the word ¨we¨ repetitively to show that even a hard working man is a ffected by this outrage. Later on in the speech, President …show more content…

Kennedy decides to pick specific words that he knows will have a negative and also a persuasive emotional appeal. The first paragraph , Kennedy says,¨Constitutes a wholly unjustifiable and irresponsible defiance of the public interest¨,Kennedy purposely makes the steel companies look selfish and that they are more against the ¨public emotions ¨. In the second paragraph, Kennedy states that ¨..tiny handful of steel executives whose pursuit of private power and profit exceeds their sense of public responsibility can show utter contempt for the interests of 185 million Americans", Kennedy separates the ¨ tiny handful of steel executives" from the 185 million Americans showcasing how insignificant the "tiny handful of steel executives" are. On top of that , it also shows how they can't even sacrifice their ¨private power¨ and their ¨profit¨ for their own ¨sense of public responsibility¨. Kennedy implements pathos in the exact same paragraph by focusing on the ¨war¨ point of view since America was going through the Vietnam War. Kennedy also addresses the sacrifices people we're making. "When we are devoting our energies to economic recovery and stability, when we are asking Reservists to leave their homes and families for months on end... at a time when restraint and sacrifices are being asked of every American", while the steel companies prioritizes during this dark

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