Rhetorical Devices In Kennedy's Speech

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In 1962 President John F. Kennedy held a press conference in which he informed the audience on his stance for the rising steel prices. Kennedy not only wanted to inform the audience, he wanted to get them on his side of the argument. He wanted to show the audience that the rising steel prices were going to have a negative impact on the nation. To do this Kennedy used some of the rhetoric strategies and tools. He used periodic sentences, anaphora, and diction. By using these strategies Kennedy was able to put emphasis in his speech. He effectively showed the audience Hayes viewpoint on the rising steel prices through his word choice. Kennedy starts his speech with a periodic sentence, immediately putting emphasis into his speech. In this sentence…show more content…
Every time the phrase “it would” is repeated the audience recognizes the repetition causing them to keep the focus on the points Kennedy wanted to make. All of the points Kennedy wanted to make happened to be against the actions of the steel industry. This again helps link all of Kennedy’s ideas into one clear section. Similarly using the phrase more difficult, in mind 85 Kennedy uses the rhetorical strategy of anaphora. With the phrase more difficult Kennedy is able to list some of the economic conflicts created by the increase in steel prices. Compared to the previous example of anaphora the effects are the same except for what the repetition brings attention to. Both examples put emphasis and focus on to the negative points Kennedy wants to direct to the Steel Industries. Kennedy’s diction also helps to keep the audience’s attention and focus on what he has to…show more content…
In the beginning of his speech Kennedy uses words like “unjustifiable,” and, “a responsible,” to show how he feels about the actions of the leading steel corporations. Later in his speech Kennedy uses the phrase “ruthless disregard of their public responsibilities,” to show his complete disagreement with the steel corporations and their decision to unreasonably raise the steel prices in America. By using negative words Kennedy is able to clearly get his opinion across to the audience of the press conference. In his speech there are many more examples of diction with the way he uses specific words. Most of these words happen to be negatively charged at the Steel Industries. However, in parts of his speech Kennedy talks about how certain groups in the nation are working to help the people of America. For example in line 92 Kennedy talks about the Department of Defense. He talks about what they’re doing to figure out why the prices of steel are rising so quickly and what needs to be done to protect the public interest. By using positive and negative words Kennedy is able to make his opinion clear. The audience is able to see Kennedy’s negative opinion on the rising steel prices and his positive opinion on what different organizations are doing to help with the current steel crisis. Throughout Kennedy’s speech he uses many rhetorical strategies making his address it easy to listen to understand.
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