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The Life Of Kennedy “The man with fewer than three and a half years to live has his left hand on the Bible.” Not even a page into this book really gets you to think that everything can change in an instance. I feel that O’Reilly chose those words to stick out to people because time is never promised, tomorrow may never come. This book stood out to me from the very beginning. Not only did Killing Kennedy capture my attention with the first sentence, but it was an eye opener and gave me a new perspective on life. Within the first few pages i was sucked into 1963 into the crowd while JFK was giving his inaugural speech. O’Reillys’ writing really draws you in and takes you by the hand and guides you through the life of our 34th president, John …show more content…

If O’Reilly was going to catch the attention of readers it was going to be with this sentence. This was the decision that would change everything for Oswald, and O’Reilly emphasized that. The way that O’Reilly described and took us through his life, it really captured my attention and overall was excellent background information. This part of Killing Kennedy really interested me because when someone assassinates someone important, like JFK, you hardly hear the assassins story. Hearing the side of the story that wasn’t really put out there, i kind of felt bad for Oswald. The way Oswald 's life was described, it made me think that Oswald felt he didn 't belong anywhere. Killing Kennedy worded Oswald’s life perfectly in my opinion. Although O’Reilly could have described his childhood to give more depth about him, there was still a substantial amount of information.further into the book, when O 'Reilly was describing how LHO killed JFK it felt like i was right beside Oswald in that snipers nest. What also interested me was it was described that Oswald didn 't have anything against him. One of the many things that we will never really know is why he did it. Personally, I have heard many conspiracy theories mentioning different possibilities on why he did it and if anyone helped him. Although after all, no one will ever really

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