Eveline And The Things They Carried Literary Analysis

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When one is seeking a new voyage to self-discovery such as love, death, war, or even an exciting moment in your life, it’s a struggle to find yourself when all of these occupancies’ are happening. In James Joyce “Eveline” and Tim O’Brien “The Things They Carried”, the characters overwhelming circumstances of events have a topic similar to each other’s story, love. With comparing any two stories, there is differences in a few topics as well. James Joyce story “Eveline” is regarding about a young girl name Eveline. Eveline is in love with a guy name Frank. Franks is giving her an amazing opportunity to go with him to Buenos Aires. Eveline is having difficulties at home, supporting her family with her mother passing away and her alcoholic father at home. She’s seeking a chance to escape, however doesn’t get the courage to. “Keep the home …show more content…

The setting in the story “Eveline” takes place in Ireland 1914. Eveline home and lifestyle is a strict environment. Her mother died from a sickness and her father is an alcoholic who doesn’t do anything at home and always drinks his life away. Other than Eveline’s day to day routine, she has a special individual in her life, his name is Frank. Frank see’s Eveline for who she really is, a kind and gentle girl who is urging to explore new grounds. One of the places that Frank would take Eveline, when they gate a chance is the theaters to watch the latest movies. Frank had given Eveline a chance to start fresh with him, he wants her to go to Buenos Aires to start a new life with him. Eveline is loving this feeling of the chance to escape with Frank. She packed whatever she can and headed to where they said that they’ll meet. She went, however she couldn’t find the courage to leave the ramp and go with him on the boat. Eveline wasn’t in love with Frank, but just loved him for the eye open ability that she was

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