Evening Walk Poem

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Have you ever suddenly felt as if you were being watched? Maybe the next door neighbor distractedly trimming a bush in your peripheral vision became a vaguely threatening figure lurking in the shadows, or the dark sky seemed to prelude the arrival of something far more sinister than rain. Or maybe you’ve felt overwhelmingly guilty, possibly for no good reason at all, and listened as the sound of the wind rushing through the trees morphed into condemning whispers, or watched as every person within a mile seemed to turn and stare at you with eerily accurate conviction. It’s highly unlikely that the little old woman pruning her rose bush was stalking you, or that the darkened sky was foreboding any horrific event other than your brand new shoes…show more content…
In the first stanza, along with this overwhelming feeling of peace, the source of the feeling is revealed: emotions felt in the presence of a woman the speaker is very clearly taken with. Her beauty is stressed preceding mention of anything else, accentuating the fact that all other pleasant sights fall short of what he sees when he gazes upon her. In his eyes, she is angelic, not only beautiful in appearance, but also in character, and that beauty radiates from her. “When a gentle, silent maiden, / Walked in beauty at my side, / She alone there walked beside me, / All in beauty like a bride.” The comparison in the final line indicates this well; to the beholder, this woman’s purity and grace are practically tangible. Only after the speaker firmly establishes his companion’s quiet loveliness, a place all aglow with light, both from the moon and the reflections of twinkling stars in placid waters, is described as having much the same quiet beauty. It is inferred that with the sense of peaceful silence felt in his love’s presence, the pale silver toned setting takes on an even calmer and lovelier atmosphere than it would have…show more content…
The lines “Radiant hopes were bright around me, / Like the light of stars serene;” especially represents this, in my opinion. As I read it, I feel that he is so immersed in the possibility that his love brings him that what is around him becomes drenched in the same dreaminess. His hope brings to the scene more beauty and serenity than any outward improvements that could have been made. At least, that is, until that hopefulness is shattered. In the fourth stanza, the speaker professes his great love for his companion. While he speaks, the silent splendor of the night remains, influenced further by the open feeling of sharing what is in his heart. But once he finishes, he is quickly flooded with regret, as depicted in the final lines of the stanza: “Would the heart have kept unspoken / Love that was its rarest

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