Analysis Of Iris Marion Young's Throwing Like A Girl

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Young’s “Throwing Like a Girl” is said to be a philosophical investigation consisting of phenomenological evidence of how we live in our bodies. Young seeks to look at what is deemed as forced embodiment. Young argues that within our bodies we pay close attention to what we want to do through them instead of directing our attention to make sure that they are doing what we actually wish them to do. We experience our bodies as a weakening handicap rather than using them for good. Iris Marion Young believes that after examining the various ways that both men and women embody their bodies, we will be able to gain insight into the way gendered differences unfold within our society, essentially damaging women. There are specific rules and regulations that women are to abide by to be considered appropriate. There becomes this self-imposed expectation that women find themselves abiding by. Young argues that women typically underuse and undermine the actual potential of their bodies. We do not use them to their full capabilities and all they have to offer. We …show more content…

She breaks her thoughts down in order to show the indifference. She says that women are first portrayed as objects; this patriarchal society sees us as mere bodies. Thus, we are either regarded as objects or as bodies; the mind does not exists here. Here, the subjectivity does not lie in the mind, but within the body. Women’s sole purpose is to be that of another subject’s intentions and manipulations. It’s unlikely that we are a living manifestation of action and intention. This is essentially why women adopt the attitudes of others when it comes to their bodies. Because the body is said to exist in objectification, women’s self-consciousness then moves the feminine relation to her body. This then determines the extent in which the woman distanced herself from her

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