My Body Is My Own Business Analysis

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Is this what media finally comes to? To profit and acquire fame, while throwing into the back the importance of wellness and confidence of women young and old alike? In this age many women around the world are heavily influenced by the prevarication of the modern culture's "perfect female body". Evidence of this ubiquitous illusion is prevalent in the texts "My Body Is My Own Business" an essay by Sultana Yusufali and the short comic "My Body" by Vicky Rabinowitz. The example of the crushing influence of beauty by the media are explicated by both texts. In the essay by Yusufali, she boldly writes: "[By] reading popular teenage magazines, you can find out what kind of body image is "in" or "out"' (page 52). By this, Yusufali explains how women …show more content…

Yusufali claims in her essay, "Whether the 90's woman wants to admit it or not, she is being forced into a mould." (page 49) As explicated by Yusufali, this type of influence by popular media manipulates young women into developing signs of bulimia as they are sticking their fingers down their throats, or overweight adolescent females hanging themselves. Yet, fortunately, Rabinowitz's character realizes as she attempts to peruse the nigh-impossible goal set by the media: "I have my whole life to spend fixing my body to fit the mould." (page 49) however as these two quotes convey different subjects, both revolve around the concept of "the mould". Rabinowitz's character realizes that attempting to reach that goal will be futile, and that even if it is reached, the majority of one's life would have ended. Finally, both texts convey the concept of the body being the vessel of the mind and soul. Yusufali insists that, "It [the body] is the vessel of an intelligent mind and strong soul." (page 52). She states the importance of the body, that after all it should not be objectified as a mere tool of advertisement or to be jeered

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