Events That Led To Paranoia Among The Colonists During The Salem Witch Trials

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Thesis statement: the instability of the government and religious beliefs led to paranoia among the colonist during the salem witch trials.
Question: How did the religious aspects and unstable government in the colony affect the outcome of the Salem witch trials?
Context: Explore the different events that led up to the outcome of the Salem witch trials.
Thesis statement*: Throughout time, it has been proven again and again that new concepts create fear among society. In modern times, people fear the advancement in technology. While in the 1600s, people feared the advancement of the government, religious or scientific ideas. How did this fear develop into panic and affect the colonies?
Background paragraph 1: Origins
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Mainly puritans.
Paragraph 2:
Women are gaining more “rights”
Instances of natural disasters massachusetts government is unstable
Lack of scientific education
Analysis: Salem Witch trials
Secondary source: (Hoffer, Peter Charles. "Salem Witchcraft Trials." In Encyclopedia of American Studies, edited by Simon Bronner. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2016.)
Transitioning religion: people still believe in ghosts and magic
Notable scientists Newton and Boyle both believed in their own ideas of magic but knew that they had to scientifically verify the situation.
Widowed women own their own land, start having children out of wedlock
Massachusetts lost their government for going against the royal charter, leading to anxiety among the colony.
Paragraph 3:
Reports of children being bewitched
Women who are accused of being witches
Types of cures performed
Analysis: A fever in Salem
Secondary source: (Carlson, Laurie M. A fever in Salem: a new interpretation of the New England witch trials. Chicago: Ivan R. Dee, 2001.)
Two young girls start feeling ill and blame a slave, Tituba of bewitching them. This claim is also backed up when other kids come down with an illness and it can’t be

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