Evil Acts Of Evil: Good Or Evil?

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Many people ask are people evil or are people behaviors evil? I believe that it could go both ways that people are evil, and their behaviors are evil. In the beginning of the book Meursault 's mother died, Meursault took off of work to go his mother 's funeral. While Meursault was sitting there by his mother 's coffin a guest offered some coffee to Meursault, Meursault agreed and said “ I Like milk in my coffee, so I said yes...”, “he came back and I drank the coffee. Than I felt like having a smoke... I thought about it; it didn 't matter. I offered the caretaker a cigarette, and we smoked.” (pg.8). This right shows that Meursault showed an act of evil, because he was drinking coffee, and smoking a cigarette right beside his dead mother, that is disrespectful, and he showed no sign of remorse. …show more content…

Later on in the book after Meursault 's mother has been dead, Meursault was not having a good day the sun was draining him from energy, he wasn 't feeling good when Meursault saw the Arab. The Arab pulled out a knife on Meursault, the sun blinnded Meursault from the reflection off of the Arabs knifes. Meursault pullrd out his gun and shot the Arab, “Then I fired four more times at the motionless body...” (pg.59) Meursault shows an act of evilness here because when Meursault shot the Arab he killed him on the first shot, but Meursault shot the Arab four more times and that was evil because there was no need to shoot the Arab that many more times because he the Arab was dead after the

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