Meursault As An Anti-Hero In The Stranger By Albert Camus

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In The Stranger Meursault is an anti-hero. Camus gives Meursault a detached personality making him not care about anyone or anything. This reflects Camus’s view on life. He does not care about life and simply drifts thought it.interactions with other humans. As Mr.David mentioned in class, Meursault sleeps, eats, has sex, goes to work, and does nothing else. He lives much like how wild animals live , doing only what is necessary to survive and nothing more. He has no purpose in life and no meaning, he simply lives in the present. He only interacts with people when it benefits him or because he feels like it, as seen with how he treats Raymond, Salamano and Marie. Meursault is a socially awkward anti-hero. Meursault kills an Arab man in the

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