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The Crucible In the play The Crucible, Abigail Williams is one of the most renowned characters. People could see her as a victim of her society at the time, or as a monster. The main question that everyone asks is, can Abigail be pardoned because of outside forces upon her? No, Abigail cannot be pardoned of her crime for causing so many murders, but she too was a victim. If you look into Abigail’s past, she had a very traumatic one. Her parents were killed by indians, she had fallen in love with an older man, and her only father figure had treated her terribly. She said that she had witnessed her parents being murdered by indians, and that she had seen their blood. Having to grow up without a pair of loving parents has been proven to lead to a many number of mental health problems, especially when witnessing them being murdered in front of you. Her only father figure was Reverend Parris, and throughout the play you could see his love was only saved for Betty and the his role in church. When Betty falls into a coma like state, he doesn’t ask or care for Abigail; he accuses her instead. When he instigated about knowing what her and Proctor had done, he worried more about their reputation than her wellbeing. He had an assumption that a man twice his niece's age was making …show more content…

Proctor had given her love and attention, something that Abigail had craved for so long. When they were together, she finally felt wanted or needed. However as soon as Elizabeth had found out, it was all taken from her. The only person who cared for her as a person had left her. She couldn’t stand it and needed him back, even going so far as witchcraft to get her way. It didn’t help when Proctor came back into town to see what was going on, and then proceed to flirt with Abigail the entire time. He made her feel as though she still had a chance, and still had something worth fighting

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