Examples Of Abigail Williams In The Crucible

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“ You drank blood, Abby! You didn’t tell him that.”(Miller, pg 1097) “ The Crucible”, a play about the Salem Witch Hunts, was written during the Red Scare. The author, Arthur Miller, thought that the two events had much in common. There are only a few people in the play who is to blame for the hanging of innocent people, but no one seems to really agree on who is the most guilty. Abigail Williams has the most to blame for the death of 20 innocent people. This is because she was the first of the “afflicted” girls to accuse people, she uses her new power to stay out of trouble, and she wants Goody Proctor dead. The first example that Abigail is responsible is the great lengths to which she will go to kill Elizabeth Proctor. The play starts
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