Examples Of Daisy Buchanan In The Great Gatsby

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He through the grandest parties and had a mansion the size of all the other houses on the block combined, he had an unlimited supply of alcoholic beverages at a time of prohibition,he knew everyone, yet intimately, he was isolated from the world. All he wanted was her, Daisy, the woman that would never be his. The Great Gatsby may seem like a romantic novel at first, but when love is one sided, the ultimate theme of the story evolves into desire fed by manipulation.Daisy Buchanan is a woman who mesmerizes the people around her, most dominantly males as depicted in the novel. Gatsby a man who has access to all material possessions, wants nothing more than reciprocated love from Daisy, but he is just one of many. Tom, Daisy’s husband and Nick …show more content…

Daisy’s manipulative nature is exposed to the reader by F. Scott Fitzgerald, but hidden behind a persona of joyful innocence in the novel, that ultimately allows her to blindside others.
`Tom is an egocentric character and Daisy is aware of this fact resulting in a naive victimized exterior, that she uses to alleviate any pressure that is put on her. For instance, Tom and Daisy were invited to attend one of Gatsby's gatherings,upon arrival Daisy drifts away from her husband to meet Gatsby her “lover”. When Tom proposes the idea of leaving them to eat with other people,”’ Go ahead,’ answered Daisy genially,’ and if you want to take down any addresses here’s my little gold pencil’...She looked around after a moment and told me the girl was common but pretty”(Pg.105). Another word for genially is comfort, Daisy replies with comfort, when being asked if her husband can sit with another woman. Daisy is relieved that Tom is being unfaithful because she herself was unfaithful. She …show more content…

He has always believed her voice to sound majestic in a pure way, when truly Daisy is completely corrupt. This can be seen in his conversation with Gatsby when describing her voice,”’her voice is full of money,’he said suddenly. That was it. I’d never understood before. It was full of money-that was the inexhaustible charm that fell and rose in it”(Pg 120). Nick had always found Daisy’s voice to be irresistible, he describes her greed as charm, proving Daisy covers up her real intent behind this alluring persona. Similarly, she compliments Nick who quickly refuses it,”I am not even faintly like a rose, she was only extemporizing, but a stirring warmth flowed from her”(Pg 14).It is as if the men being manipulated, especially Nick, are aware of the lies she is telling, yet choose to believe them regardless because of the way she delivers them.Daisy says the things that despite being untrue are still the things people want to hear that is why Nick as well as the others so easily give

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