Wealth And Money In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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As human beings, we tend to search for happiness in material wealth and money because it is often portrayed that the more belongings we have, the happier we will be. However, wealth is not the most important thing in our lives and with too much power and money, it can lead to extreme carelessness and greed. This obsession with wealth will not only have a negative impact on one’s life, but the others around them. The dependency on wealth and status is greatly seen throughout the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, as Daisy Buchanan, a self-absorbed prosperous young women, revolves her life around power and materialistic relationships in order to maintain her high social standing. Her actions are solely driven based on what is best …show more content…

This manipulation was greatly seen with Jay Gatsby as she lured him along, taking all he had in him, and then practically, “throwing him away”(Anderson). On top of using Gatsby, she still remains to go back to Tom, even after he openly cheated on her. Yet again, Nick Carraway describes the truth he sees about Daisy when he explains how she “lures men in with her throaty, mysterious voice, a voice containing the promise of infinite riches” (Fitzgerald 115). It is this flirtatious behavior that led to Gatsby’s death as he was mesmerized by Daisy and would do anything for her. Daisy knew all along that her behavior was making men crazy, but she did it anyway. Gatsby stood no chance against her and her “siren” of a voice (Fitzgerald 114). Towards the very end of the novel, Daisy is in a room with three men-- Gatsby, Tom, and Nick. There, Gatsby demands that she tells Tom that she never loved him and that she must run away with him. At first, Daisy agrees with him but then she goes on to say that she did love Tom. It is exposed here that Daisy “was never planning on ending up with Gatsby after all” (Mack). This made Gatsby extremely upset because he had been led on by Daisy, and now she changed her feelings towards him. It is this rage that led to Myrtle's death, as Daisy was recklessly driving the car. Clearly, one can see that it was Daisy’s devilish and manipulative behavior that caused Gatsby’s and Myrtle's

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