Examples Of Daisy In The Great Gatsby

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Daisy’s love for both of these men was her weakness, but her love also became Gatsby’s weakness as well. After years of loving this woman, Gatsby is no longer able to accept the fact that the past is past, and it must remain there, weakening him and his ability to see situations clearly. When Gatsby first meets Daisy after their years apart, he is fearful of what could or could not occur, even stating that their meeting is “a terrible mistake”(87). When he first tries to relive the past, he internally realized that it is impossible, and with that realization, he tries to back out of the meeting. At the same time though, Gatsby, though aware of his futile pursuit, continues on the path that will lead to his destruction, eventually letting himself …show more content…

Nick is the cursed soul that knows the whole truth about each and everyone of his friends. He knew that Tom had “some woman in New York,” that Daisy was “kissing [Gatsby] on the mouth,” and that it “Was Daisy driving” the car that killed Myrtle(15, 116, 143). He knew each and every one of his friends secrets, and yet, he never told a single soul. Nick had every opportunity. He could have told Tom about Gatsby, Daisy about Myrtle, and the police about the true driver of the car. Tom and Daisy could have dissolved rifts between them had they known they were each seeing someone else, and Gatsby could have been spared if the true killer had been revealed. Regardless of the events that transpired, Nick remained silent, and that led to more destruction than just his own friends. Nick once said that, “[He is] one of the few honest people [he] has ever known”(59). When looked at in retrospect, this statement is completely false, and causes inspection of another fact that he had stated that, “Gatsby turned out alright in the end”(2). In the end, Gatsby dies. So how honest is Nick truly? Not very. After knowing every detail about the events that occurred, he was destroyed mentally. The little gray areas display that Nick truly was not as soberly minded as he appeared to be. Though well spoken, Nick no longer knows what honesty truly is, and it causes him to see people’s lies as truth, human sin as moral, and a person’s death as their eternal well being. Nick was perfectly sane before he was put through this situation, but between the lies, death, and destruction, it left him with a degraded mental state, and a fleeting grip on

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