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Heaven or Hell

Daisy may have been getting cheated on, but she was as innocent as she seemed. The Great Gatsby had many twists and turns. Jay loved Daisy so much that he was blind to the signs that she didn’t 100% feel the same way about him. I know for a fact that she loved him once upon a time but that was many years ago. I wish Jay could have opened his eyes sooner and seen that Daisy is a terrible person who uses people then leaves when time gets rough. Who just played victim. Once things got too hard for Daisy she took Tom's side aka her husband and just left. We all knew that but Jay was just so blinded by the love he had for her. But let me introduce the characters of the Great Gatsby. Jay Gatsby was this mysterious man who always threw big big parties hoping that the love of “his” life would wander in. Daisy is Jay's old love interest who also happens to be Tom's wife. Tom is Daisy's cheating husband who has a mistress in NYC. The evidence from The Great Gatsby I can provide states, “ I called Daisy half an hour after we found him, called her instinctively and without hesitation. But she and Tom had gone away early afternoon, and taken baggage with them” (100). This line shows me that Daisy truly never …show more content…

It took Daisy no time to fall “in love” with Tom which made me think she didn't love Jay as much as she tried to say. She was gullible, and easy to manipulate. In my eyes she was a book of empty lies and dreams just leading Jay on this whole time. Daisy was only looking for a good time and not long. When Daisy starts crying with Jay and doesn't tell the truth on why she was crying. I think she was crying because she was realizing all the things she could've had but she knows that she can no longer have that. What Daisy and Jay had was no more and I believe that Daisy saw

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