Examples Of Daisy In The Great Gatsby

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Love is of human nature, but is it possible to love the idea of someone and not necessarily them? When grasping this topic, I think of Jay Gatsby (James Gatz). Does Gatsby truly love Daisy Buchanan? Or was he just trying to fulfill his American Dream fantasy? A fantasy full of money, lies, murder, affairs, and bootlegging. In the novel, The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby goes the extra mile to gain the “love of his life,” which I believe is for the American Dream he had never fully experienced. When deciding Gatsby’s intentions with Daisy, it is important to take in Gatsby’s view of her as a person, why he wants to be with her so badly, and his experience with healthy love. Ultimately, I believe, Jay Gatsby was not in love with Daisy; instead he …show more content…

Jay was so focused on the idea of winning Daisy back that he was unable to see Daisy’s flaws and imperfections. In his mind she was the most perfect person and made no mistakes. Daisy allowed Gatsby to take the blame for the death of Myrtle, cheat on her husband with him, hide him from the world, etc. Nick stated, “Gatsby bought that house so that Daisy would be just across the bay.” (Fitzgerald 113). Gatsby dedicated himself to winning Daisy back, making her the single goal of all of his dreams. Hence why he bought the house, he wanted to keep tabs on Daisy. Gatsby wanted to be the only man Daisy ever loved because Daisy was the only woman Gatsby had ever loved. Nick stated, “He wanted nothing less of Daisy than that she should go to Tom and say, “I never loved you”.” (Fitzgerald 103). Since Gatsby had never loved any other woman besides Daisy, he was inexperienced at true, healthy, love. He was so focused on him and Daisy’s future, he missed the red flags. Due to his inexperience, he did odd things to win Daisy over. Like stated earlier he threw huge parties. Parties that everyone in West Egg would come to. Jordan states while talking to Nick, “I think he half expected her to wander into one of his parties, some night.” (Fitzgerald 63). Gatsby did it all for Daisy and expected it all back from her. However, it was too

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