Examples Of Daisy In The Great Gatsby

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Critics are correct when they say there is a sense that Gatsby is in love with the idea of Daisy rather than Daisy herself.
The idea of Daisy greatly raised Gatsby’s expectations and his disappointment with Daisy herself shows his obsession with his ideal vision. Daisy is Gatsby’s source of motivation and his dream. However, Daisy has become a delusion and Gatsby’s sight of reality has been obscured in order to achieve this dream. Gatsby was in love with the idea that Daisy was waiting for him and loved no man other than him, his shock to the truth shows that he became infatuated with the image of Daisy that he created for himself. We see this in the fight at the hotel when Daisy cries, “Oh you want too much!” (Fitzgerald 132). Gatsby’s shock …show more content…

Being his first love, Daisy is the embodiment of what love feels and looks like. Only she can fulfill the love that Gatsby yearns but he failed to realize that Daisy could and has changed since they first met. Critics establish the point that Gatsby loves the idea of Daisy as it is obvious that he is unaccepting of possible change within Daisy. The fact that Gatsby reminisces on his previous experiences with Daisy shows us that he is stuck to the past version of her which he wholeheartedly seeks in her present form. Nick relays Gatsby's story as such, “His heart beat faster and faster as Daisy’s white face came up to his own… then he kissed her,” (Fitzgerald 110). It is reinforced here that Gatsby needs Daisy in order to feel love, he can’t possibly envision any other person playing the role he seeks. Rather than focusing on the present situation and understanding his wrongdoings, Gatsby is causing further damage by looking into the past and satisfying himself with love that is no longer possible for him to acquire. We can see the critics’ statement to be proven true as Gatsby is desperately trying to repeat the past to find love in his idea of Daisy instead of accepting the present times and what Daisy currently

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