How Is Ojs Simpson Similar To The Great Gatsby

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Nickolas Steel
Mr. Robinson
English 3
28 February 2023
Gatsby THE GOAT If you were to commit murder how would you get away with it, If I did it, a story of how OJS Simpson hypothetically got away with the murder of his ex-wife. How hypothetical is this story? Does the character in the book accurately portray the author? How accurately could someone‘s essence of life and story be poured and engraved in a mere book? Just like Oj Simpson, Scott Fitzgerald, author of The Great Gatsby, life struggles is scattered throughout like fossils slowly being uncovered as the story unfolds. Similar to Gatsby they both are centered around alcohol and in some way lose the person they love most. Though their biggest similarity is their ambition and wants for fame and fortune. The Character Gatsby in The Great Gatsby highlights the emptiness of wealth and in chasing to be someone grand, it fails him miserably in …show more content…

Daisy is a prime example as Gatsby sets his eyes on her and accomplished what many people so consider impossible. Similar to everyone there is shortcomings and for better or for worse Gatsby was a big dreamer. Sometimes even too ambitious as is expectations of Daisy or " illusion" went "beyond her, beyond everything.” (Bloom 85) reaching standards no human could accomplish. Gatsby’s love for Daisy could even be described as his love for the idea of having Daisy, saving his love from Tom who doesn’t fit in his plan of being with Daisy. This is still not to discredit his hope as he “believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year” (Fitzgerald 138) as he grasps toward this enchanted light which represents hope. The hope of reaching is dreams and was at the end of Daisy’s dock. Tragically Gatsby died as someone who was not liked and maybe even despised by others and disregarded despite his

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