Is Jay Gatsby Morally Wrong

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Jay Gatsby, a man rich in dollars but poor in moral standards. Spectacularly wealthy, the unknown yet infamous master entertainer met an untimely end. However, behind the generous, casual persona lay someone more sinister. Gatsby was willing to go to any lengths possible to get what he wanted, no matter what or who it may be. To deem someone an immoral existence, we must first determine what defines proper morals. Having morals is the concept of acting “right,” of abiding by lawful and societal standards. Acting morally correct is to follow altruistic standards while respecting others’ rights. In Gatsby’s case, he is morally bad because he is selfish, disturbs relationships, and uses others to obtain his desires. Gatsby used money and status to achieve his goals at any cost. He flouted rules, showing a white card from his wallet to avoid a police officer’s questioning on the road. Claiming he once did the commissioner a favor, the distinct card elevated him above the law. Essentially bribing the police, Gatsby used his influence to avoid consequences, dodging fees an average person would incur for driving recklessly. …show more content…

He was determined to win over Daisy, already married to Tom. Gatsby utilizes all and any ways to obtain Daisy’s love, regardless of the means required. He purchased a house in West Egg to live near her, admiring the green light outside her residence. Gatsby also hosted huge parties regularly, hoping to lure Daisy in, and even used Nick and Jordan as chess pieces in his grand scheme. All these moves were for Gatsby to obtain his end goal: Daisy Buchanan, a married woman. Even after discovering Daisy still loved Tom, Gatsby continued to pursue her love. This exposed his tendency for obsessive stalking, in which Gatsby used his endless wealth and status to follow the old love that has moved past him

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