Is Jalousy In The Great Gatsby

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Some say Jay Gatsby is a horrendous criminal that cares only for his greed for wealth. Others say his criminal actions are justifiable because it is to attain Daisy. Does Gatsby deserve pity or is he a greedy scumbag that deserved his fate. Gatsby is worthy of pity because he is selfless and moral throughout the novel. Gatsby is selfless because he only cares about Daisy and only got wealthy to be with Daisy. Gatsby’s selflessness is shown on page 78 when Jordan Baker tell Nick “Gatsby bought that house so that Daisy would be just across the bay”. This goes to show that Gatsby only bought his lavish house just so he could be next to Daisy. He only got rich to be with Daisy because on page 149 he lied to lead her to believe that he was from
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