Death Of A Salesman And The American Dream

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The American Dream is an ideology that emphasizes the possibility of raising one’s status and wealth through hard work and determination, regardless of one's social standing or background. Some of the beliefs commonly associated with the American Dream include economic opportunity, freedom, and education. The American Dream is often associated with the idea of economic opportunity, where anyone can achieve success through hard work and determination. These two qualities are seen as vital in order to be successful. This belief entails that anyone can achieve financial success and a higher status through their own efforts, regardless of their social class, race, or background. Another belief that is associated with the American Dream is the …show more content…

Education is also a central belief associated with the American Dream. This includes the idea that anyone can access and receive a quality education, which can lead to better job opportunities and a higher standard of living. Overall, the American Dream represents a set of beliefs that emphasize the possibility of upward mobility, prosperity, and individual freedom through hard work, determination, and equal opportunity.
Willy Loman, a character in Arthur Miller’s play called The Death of a Salesman, has a life that is very similar to what the American Dream could look like. Willy is a follower of this American Dream ideal as cited when he says, "Smell the stink from that Apartment House!" (Miller 6). Willy believes that living in an apartment is shameful. He believes that it signifies that the renter of the apartment is not successful in life. Willy has a clear picture of what traits he believes lead to one living a happy and dignified life. He believes that these traits are popularity, charisma, charm, financial stability, being respected, and having a positive well-known reputation in a community. These values are shown through the way Willy always …show more content…

Scott Fitzgerald himself. Jay Gatsby is the name of one of the main characters in The Great Gatsby. In Fitzgerald’s work, “Gatsby's ability to reinvent himself comes from his belief in the American dream: He embraces the economic opportunities afforded to him by a nation based on a free-enterprise system” (Verderame). Mr. Gatsby came from humble beginnings. He worked very hard and tried many different jobs. He accepted jobs that paid well, even if the jobs were of questionable integrity. Jay Gatsby is in love with a woman by the name of Daisy Buchanan. Daisy comes from a wealthy family that is of noble standing in society. Jay Gatsby chased money in an attempt to become worthy of her. Daisy is the woman of his dreams and all he wants is to live a happy life with her. Jay has loved Daisy for years, but the reason he did not confess to her sooner is that he was from a lower background than Daisy. He knew that Daisy’s parents would not approve of him because of his background. Gatsby believes the only way to be with Daisy is to become rich and successful, so he spends his entire life working hard and building his wealth so that he can return to Daisy and profess his love for

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