Similarities Between Winter Dreams And The Great Gatsby

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“Winter Dreams” and The Great Gatsby
The short story of “Winter Dreams” and The Great Gatsby book are both written by F.Scott Fitzgerald. The American Dream is pursued in a similar way in the Great Gatsby and “Winter Dreams” thought the very materialistic characters Jay Gatsby and Dexter Green, falling in love with Judy and Daisy. The characters use the ideals of the American Dream (hard work, achievement, being self-reliant) to win the women they love.
In The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby is in love with Daisy. Jay Gatsby, first known as “James Gatz” (103) comes from the Midwest and he did not start as wealthy, he was born into a poor family, his parents were farmers but he felt he did not belong as he was deeply ambitious and determined to be successful. In the other hand, Daisy Buchanan, born as Daisy Fay, is from a wealthy family in Louisville, according to Gatsby “her voice is full of money” (127) and she is a manipulative, selfish, and confused woman who only cares for her own well …show more content…

But, on the other hand, “Winter Dreams” shows the reader that dreams do not always come true just by the power of a person own desire. These two texts are very materialistic, and money is considered superior to everything else, which makes you learn that happiness is not based on money. Also, it shows never to give up and to always have hope for what you are trying to achieve, because that is what the American Dream is and not to have infinite money to be able to “buy” someone instead of getting by who you really are. To sum up, what these two stories really show is to always be yourself and that money will not make your dream come true, so fight for your dreams and not buy

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