Literary Analysis Of Winter Dreams

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Over the last couple of days in class we have discussed F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story “Winter Dreams”. This short story explores several themes such as reality vs idealism and over expectations. These themes communicates through the use of various literary devices such as irony, symbolism, allegories and imagery. Through the use of these literary devices each character is brought to life and given its own type of personality. One quote that explores how the main character, Dexter, is given a unique personality states “The helpless ecstasy of losing himself in her charm was a powerful opiate rather than a tonic”. This quote helps to provide some background on how Dexter is given a idiosyncratic persona. Essentially, the literary devices in “Winter dreams” are used to help provide each character with a personality. The use of imagery in this short tale is imperative to detailing the characters and their conversations. The story uses imagery various times to better convey the setting and plot of the story. In one example of imagery, Fitzgerald explains that Dexter uses the winter to dream about playing golf with upper class people and eventually beating them. This example is a pivotal to the storyline because it basically explains why the story is entitled “Winter dreams” and it explores this fantasy of Dexter becoming a part of a high social class by playing golf with high profile people such as Mr. T.A. Hedrick. “It was a curious day, slashed abruptly with fleeting,

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