Examples Of Dehumanization In Night By Elie Wiesel

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The Nazis dehumanize and mistreat the Jews in the book Night by Elie Weisel. The Nazis use effective tactics to oppress and degrade the Jews. They reduce them to nothing and small beings that had no identity. The Nazis took the Jews from a person to an object without a face and made them feel hidden. The Nazis handled the Jews as though they were less than dirt, less than human. To illustrate, the Nazis treated the Jews as if they were animals and were to obey the rules and if not, had a life-threatening consequence. The SS leader said “If anyone goes missing, you will all be shot like dogs” (Wiesel 24). On many occasions, the Jews were shot for no other reason than cruelty. The Nazis made sure the Jews understood that if a rule was broken they would be punished. In addition to referring to …show more content…

Elie said, “I became A-1772 and from then on had no other name” (Wiesel 42). Their entire identity was removed and they were stripped of every quality that makes them human. The final example of how the Nazis abused the Jews was how they overdid many things and kept pushing the Jews to go on. Elie says while running to the other camp, “An endless road. Letting oneself be pushed by the mob; letting oneself be dragged along by a blind destiny. When the SS were tired, they were changed. But no one changed us” (Wiesel 87). The Nazis would exceed the limit which soon ended in people dying, they didn't know when to stop. They would replace the people who mattered but made the Jews feel like they didn't when they were told to keep going. Overall, the Nazis neglected the Jews and put them in a position no person should ever have to experience. The Jews saw things they didn’t deserve and were ignored when they needed help. The Nazis never gave the Jews a chance to explain how they felt and they never thought once how horrible this was for the Jews. A relate to how the Jews are treated in the same way slaves

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