Analysis Of Democracy In America By Alexis De Tocqueville

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Throughout this document, Alexis De Tocqueville explained to the audience his own interpretation of Democracy in America. At some points, Tocqueville compares the American democracy to the European democracy. Tocqueville begins this document by stating that “In America, the authority exercised by the legislatures is supreme:nothing prevents them from accomplishing their wishes with celerity and with irresistible power, and they are supplied with new representatives every year.”(Tocqueville pg 257). Tocqueville also points out that America is the country where laws last the shortest time. Also, almost all American constitutions have been amended within thirty years, there is not one American state that has not modified the principles of its …show more content…

A nation may be considered a jury which represents a society at large,and applies justice which is the law(Tocqueville pg 259). The slaves in the who are so dire important to the plantation economy in the South are the minority, while the slave masters are the majority. Those beliefs of the majority are opposed by those who are styled a minority(Tocqueville pg 260). Since the slave masters are more powerful than the slaves themselves the masters are in total control. In Tocqueville's opinion the main evil of the democratic institution in the United States does not arise, as often maintained in Europe. The main evil for the United States is their irresistible strength(Tocqueville pg 260). The majority runs in a sense the whole government. Tocqueville noted that, the majority Public opinion constitutes the majority; then the legislature represents the majority and obeys it; if to the executive power if appointed by the majority and serves as a passive tool. The jury is then the majority who is invested with the right of hearing court cases, and in many states even the judges are elected by the majority.(Tocqueville pg 261). Tocqueville is explaining here the impact of the majority on really all aspects of

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