Examples Of Dialectical Journal For Paradise Lost

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Dialectical Journal #2 John Milton’s pensive epic poem Paradise Lost amplifies the fate of those who disobey God’s orders will follow the same consequences of banishment in hell as Satan and, his followers received. With Satan and his followers being banished from the heavens after disowning God's rules and starting a war, sent a land “one great furnace flamed, yet from those flames, no light” this place is named hell. Now that they are in hell redemption is wanted from the failure of the first war, Satan’s pride is too strong to let God have victory so he influences the other troops to join him to being another war upon the heavens again results to failure. Dramatic irony is featured in various parts in this poem. Satan and his followers …show more content…

Being that I am 18 now I expected just a bit more freedom like, being able to drive alone, go to parties and have them not call me every 10 mins, even when it comes down to college my mom doesn't want me to be no farther than 10 miles away. So there are some days when I go against their commands only because I feel that I am more responsible and, obviously old enough to be independent and away on my own. I intend to apply at 5 colleges out of the city not because I don’t love them but, they have had me under their roof for 18 years which is long enough, so I need to move on to become a man and learn my mistakes along the way. The belief of punishment that most parents give is not out of hate but, out of love God only banished them so they know that he is the one who is in charge of keeping the balance in order and learn from their mistake, just like how parents punish their children for disobeying the orders given to them because the child need to that the parent is only looking best for the child's health, safety or future. Another connection and agreement I have with Milton’s idea is that God doesn't just sit and watch the people in hell just suffer to be evil but those are the people who had the option to follow God’s orders and they chose not to, so the price for their doing is to in a place of darkness,pain, and loneliness. I feel the same way when it comes to students

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