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Hamlet is truly crazy

In Hamlet, Shakespeare never tells you if Hamlet is truly crazy or if he is faking it but in the story you can clearly see Hamlet has actually gone crazy from the way he acts and the things he says too many characters in the story. In Hamlet, Shakespeare utilizes diction between Gertrude, the ghost, Polonius,and Hamlet to show how the loss of a loved one can lead a person to become crazy. Hamlet experiences madness when he talks to Gertrude. Hamlet was showing he was going crazy when he was talking to his mother then he turns and looks to the side and starts to talk. Hamlet was talking to the ghost of his father, he claims. Gertrude started to see her son was crazy, Hamlet …show more content…

Hamlet has clearly went crazy because, now he thinks killing claudius is “ok” just because others fight for nothing. Hamlet is also by himself at this time and he is thinking these thoughts. which mean he is not trying to just act crazy for someone else. This shows that Hamlet has went crazy because the lost of his loved one. Hamlet’s diction that he used when he was talking to Polonius truly showed he was going crazy. Hamlet was talking to Polonius and he told Guildenstern and Rosencrantz he was going to act crazy but during their talk his real madness was revealed. He said “you cannot, sir,take from me anything that I will more willingly part withal- except my life, except my life, except my life.” (II,II,218-220). When he says except my life this shows that he started to believe what he was “faking”. Shakespeare uses that diction to show the audience that he is really going crazy. When Hamlet says this to Polonius at first he acts like it is a joke but after he says “except my life” three times he starts to realize he has gone crazy, because the craziness he was faking at first is truly how Hamlet feels. This also shows how he is truly thinking about suicide and he is not stable minded,

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