Examples Of Empathy In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Topic sentence…………… something about lack of empathy in today’s society important as book teaches why it is an important skill to have. Often nowadays people tend to ignore the feelings of others, so this novel is an amazing reminder on why empathy is so crucial in life. In the book Atticus enforces this message strongly onto his kids, which also comes across to Harper Lee’s readers. When Bob Ewell is frustrated after the trial and takes his anger out on Atticus, Atticus completely puts himself in Bob’s shoes and states to his son “I destroyed his last shred of credibility at that trial, if he had any to begin with. The man had to have some kind of comeback, his kinds always does. So if spitting in my face and threatening me saved Mayella Ewell one extra beating, that’s something I’ll gladly take.” (Lee 292-293) Even after all the horrible acts, such as spitting in his face (Lee 290) towards Atticus, Atticus is able to remain a positive outlook and understand how Bob must be feeling to justify his actions. …show more content…

In addition to this, To Kill a Mockingbird teaches that it is important to try see from someone else’s point of view as one does not know what they may be feeling or going through. All this time Scout was so sure Boo Radley was this awful horrible man who wanted no contact with anyone. Yet what Scout did not realize was that Boo had his own reasons for him to come across this way, but she never once considered his outlook before. Finally near the end of the novel and as Scout has grown up, she begins to understand Boo this whole time when she thinks “Atticus was

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