Examples Of Figurative Language In Harrison Bergeron

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Karina Vasudeva 3/7/16 Period 4 Khouri What is Vonnegut satirizing? In Kurt Vonnegut’s extremely well-thought out story “Harrison Bergeron,” Vonnegut manages to effectively satirize the faults of socialism through exaggeration using figurative language, as well as paradoxical details. In the story, everyone is finally equal “due to the 211th, 212th, and 213th Amendments in the Constitution.” However, this is contradictory to the freedom of expression and other rights, as those with above average abilities are required to wear handicaps, or else they are jailed. The handicaps serve as a tool to suppress intellectual thinking that may lead to uncovering of the government's flaws. This is a paradox that appears to mock how socialism really ends
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