Examples Of Greed In The Great Gatsby

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In the novel The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald talks about the differences between East Egg and West Egg in Rhode Island how each side comes from new money and old money. Nick tells the story about Jay Gatsby, Tom Buchanan, Daisy Buchanan and how they are materialistic and only care about money and fame. F. Scott Fitzgerald suggests that the American Dream is unattainable through his use of corrupt characters. The American Dream is unattainable due to misuse of wealth and dishonesty. In The Great Gatsby Daisy, Tom and Gatsby are materialistic and lie to one another with lies. “Your wife doesn’t love you’ said Gatsby. She’s never loved you. She loves me”. “Her voice is full of money”. Tom and Gatsby have luxurious cars and houses and have parties all the time. While Daisy spends …show more content…

When Gatsby and Tom have parties only formal rich people come. “All well dressed, all looking a little hungry and all talking in low earnest voices to solid prosperous Americans’’. This proves how Americans only care about fame, money and being upper class. Many Americans believe that the American Dream is all about being successful by having money and fame. Americans are destroying the American Dream in favor of acceptance and social status. In the story Gatsby lies about his life background in order for Daisy to love him and be accepted by her. “And it was from Cody that he inherited money- a legacy of twenty-five thousand dollars.” “Gatsby bought that house so that Daisy would be just across the bay.” Gatsby develops an obsession with wealth and status and recastes himself as the wealthy man he envisions to be. Gatsby did anything in order for Daisy to love him for being rich and for people to accept him by throwing huge parties and having his guest arrive in Rolls-Royce cars and having the most wealthy people in the nation come to his

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