Examples Of Imagery In Night By Elie Wiesel

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In the book Night, Elie Wiesel shares his story about the Holocaust; he was held prisoner in a concentration camp as the actions of the Nazis create a horrifying tone. On arrival to Auschwitz, passengers on the train including Elie smelt burning flesh, the quote that shows this is “The smell of burning flesh” (28) which is a form of synesthesia . This was the first piece of evidence that inferred that so horrifying was going on. The Nazis were already burning and gassing people before they arrived at Auschwitz. One day the Nazis hung a child in front of 10,000 prisoners, the Nazis wanted to show the Jewish people that they were not scared to punish or kill them. “He was still red, his eyes not yet extinguished” (65) which is imagery. Throughout

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