Imagery In Night By Elie Wiesel

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The imagery in the Pipel's hanging scene develops the theme that witnessing and experiencing horror can cause a loss of faith by exhibiting how their God does not interfere with Earth's troubles. The Pipel's face is described as that of "an angel in distress" (Wiesel 63) and overall he is said to be a "sad-eyed angel" (Wiesel 64). This is different than how the other pipel's are described - the others are said to be exceptionally cruel, even more so than their elders. This is what makes the Pipel's death so impactful on Elie's faith - because the Pipel is like an angel, it is like Elie is watching his God be killed right before him. Before the Pipel's death, Elie had witnessed multiple other hangings. However, Wiesel nor the others cried while

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