How Does Hawthorne Present Paul's Relationship In Young Goodman Brown

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mother. Paul wanted that his mother could celebrate her birthday diligently and dignity by having all facilities leaving aside past deprivation. He managed handsome money indirectly through lawyer in the name of some unknown relative who deposited this money on the condition to pay Paul mother at the time of her birthday in instalments. His mother received a letter from lawyer and when she approached lawyer, she insisted to receive whole money at a time that was one thousand pounds. This showed that Hester thought of only herself and she wanted to get all the money at once on the proclamation that she had to pay back her debts but instead of paying her debts, she spent all money in extravagant. She gave more preference on money than her family and she declared that her husband was unlucky. Paul health was deteriorating day by day and his mother got worried about his health and she suggested spending some time to seaside but Paul did not agree as he had to know the name of winning horse. This evil incarnation had taken the life of Paul as he caught with brain fever when his mother came back from a party and she found him unconscious by occurring ‘Malabar’ , ‘Malabar’, the name of winning horse. Exactly, the horse, Malabar got victory but Paul found dead on the bed. Love Relationship: Hawthorne portrayed love relationship in ‘Young Goodman Brown’ as conjugal love relation between husband and wife when Young Goodman departed for his journey leaving behind his newly

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