Examples Of Mcmuurry In One Flew Over The Cuckoo's '

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From what the Big Nurse calls one of the black boys, it seems the- I like to call them sex fiends- are her aides. It's quite strange she'd call one of the crazed thermometer probers one of her "aides." It seems sort of formal too, calling them her aide. It's almost as if she were a tyrant that needs right hand men. It seems to be that way though, why else would the story have to introduce a heroic figure that sees through everyone; McMurry? McMurry seems to be the hero beginning to fight the tyranny, and isn't a character that will mindlessly follow whatever the tyrant says. He seems to be very perceptive as well. Although Bromden is thought to be a very dumb and deaf person by everyone, McMurry can tell all that's a sham. I wonder though, how does McMurry have such insight about people? …show more content…

In this passage McMurry has the ability to completely shut down the Big Nurse's character too, I wonder if that will be useful to him later on in the story. Eh, probably. Ah! I find it really interesting how the author depicts this whole scene as a clash, they use "sizing up" to make it seem like they're about to fight. They aren't simply looking at each other, they're "sizing up." I just like the use of the idiom, things like these really paint a scene more vividly. Anyways, I wonder what's going to happen next. McMurry's probably going to piss off the Big Nurse- I bet he already has... Will Bromden keep narrating though? He seems to have just been a spectator this entire time, I wonder if he's going to have any real influence on the plot. I mean, there is a need for him to exist as a character to narrate- however it's kinda boring he's just on the side

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