Examples Of Mood In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream is still relevant, for it contains Mood, Dream Motif, and Genre Romantic Comedy to which audiences can still relate to today. A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a story that expresses many different moods. The first mood for one of my examples is sadness. “But I slip from underneath her and she falls down crying “Ow my Butt” (Shakespeare 35). This shows that the old lady is crying because she fell on her butt. The next mood that is in my second example is annoyed. Demetrius is being annoyed by Helena because she won’t stop following him. “Look I don’t love you so stop following me around” (Shakespeare 45). The last example of Mood is Jealousy. Oberon is jealous because Titania has the Indian Boy and he doesn’t. In the book Titania says “what are you jealous Oberon?” (Shakespeare 37). These are very few of the actors that show different moods throughout the story. Another element in this story is Dream Motif. It shows many events about how this can relate to all of it just being a dream. For example Theseus says “ I wonder is the lion be to speak” (Shakespeare 58). Lions can not speak. This relates to Dream Motif because this can not really happen in real life. The …show more content…

Many different stories or plays involve Romantic Comedy including this one. The first example love takes place between Helena and Lysander. Comedy takes place in this example when Lysander no longer loves Hermia but now loves Helena. “Not Hermia but Helena I love” (Shakespeare 60). The second example is “I say I love thee more than he can do” (Shakespeare 102). Demetrius is saying he loves Helena more than Lysander. Even though they both love Helena neither of them have her. Last, Hermia and Lysander plan on getting married. The romantic scene is between the lovers Hermia and Lysander. “There, gentle Hermia may I marry thee” (Shakespeare 12). Genre Romantic Comedy is the last element used generally throughout the

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