Examples Of Obsession In The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby is a novel that touches on many things: Love, obsession, and even holding onto the past. Gatsby is so driven by obsession he does all he can to just get the attention of a woman he met y e a r s ago. Most people can relate to Gatsby, some more than others. There isn’t one person who hasn’t dealt with either a strong love interest, some sort of obsession, or can’t let something go. This is what makes Gatsby such a realistic and relatable character- someone that people can find themselves in on a personal level. One of the many things that makes Gatsby the man he is would have to be his interest in Daisy, a young woman he met at a party and fell in love with. He became so infatuated with her that literally everything he does is to try and please or impress Daisy. The only reason he lives in the spot he does is because it is directly across from Daisy’s home. He throws elaborate parties in the hopes of attracting Daisy’s attention. His life revolves around this woman he is infatuated with. Although with infatuation comes obsession, something that can drive a man crazy. …show more content…

He goes to extreme lengths and spends lots and lots of money - all in the hopes to attract this girl. No sane man would do such things unless they were indeed obsessed with someone or something. Personally, I know what it means to be obsessed with either someone or something. Take a step into my room and you will see that I surround myself with materialistic things. I have spent so much money on such things that I probably could have bought a car with all the money I spent, a decently used car that is. My phone is filled with pictures of idols I admire and look up to. Everybody obsesses a little bit from time to time- Just don’t let it define you as a person, in a sense as it does with

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