Examples Of Prejudice And Racism

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1. It is a common misconception that racism is a dichotomized “Black and White” issue, which overshadows the racially discriminatory experiences of Asian Americans since its start of the immigration history in the nineteenth century. Asian immigrants were attracted to the U.S. by the opportunities for employment and escape from challenging economical and political conditions in their homelands; however, they have faced discriminatory laws, in addition to experiencing various forms of overt and covert, and intentional and unintentional racism.

2. Daily experiencing of racism and racial discrimination may not be exclusive to Asian Americans; rather, it may be a pervasive phenomenon with which any racial minority groups confront. However, there has been a lack of attention at the systemic level on Asian Americans’ experiences of racism, racial discrimination, and other psychological difficulties stemming from their minority status.

3.Recent studies use the combined term of racial-ethnic socialization because all people are members of at least one racial and ethnic category and parents’ delivery of messages regarding race and ethnicity cannot be easily distinguished from one another, due to the interconnected nature of racial and ethnic experiences in minority families.
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The implicit racial-ethnic socialization messages, although they frequently occur outside the parents’ awareness, may have been simultaneously presented with intentional and explicit messages and significantly shape their children’s racial identity and sense of belongingness to their racial and ethnic
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