Hypocrisy In Toni Morrison's Chronologica

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treated. At the start of the novel, Claudia is chastised by her mother as being "the biggest fool in this town" for getting sick. (Morrison 10). Claudia asks the question that is central to the anger, frustration, and pain that results from the black community 's outdoorness from society: "what made people look at them and say, "Awwww", but not for me?" (Morrison 38). In addition, various members of the black community are constantly displacing their own feelings of being outdoors onto others within the community. For example, even before he rapes his daughter, Cholly Breedlove is outdoors from the black community because he is a visible and tangible reminder of the feelings many other members of the black community have. He represents the anger and frustration many members of the community is guilty of taking their anger about their own treatment and injustice at the hands of white people on their families, and Cholly reminds them of their hypocrisy. Concerning Morrison 's writing style, her style is easily distinguishable due to her unique use of language. She always writes in…show more content…
Morrison satirizes the internalized racism and what it can do to the most vulnerable member of a community, a young girl. At the same time, she does not want to dehumanize the people who wound this girl, because that would simple repeat their mistakes. Morrison decided to write a novel about how internalized racism affects young black girls in a range of ways, some petty and minute, some tragic and overwhelming. " Many critics explore how Morrison challenges prevailing stereotypes of African American women, especially in the women centered novels, like The Bluest Eye " (Raynor and Butler
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