Examples Of Racism In The Medical Field

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Racism in the Medical Field Racism has existed in the medical field for over 2,500 years. Where people of certain races, religions, and genders are all discriminated against by the people in this world who are supposed to help them. Doctors take an oath to treat all patients with equity, yet still some patients are prone to bigoted racism. However it goes the other way as well, even doctors experience racial prejudice by patients and their families. Racism is still immensely prevalent in today’s medical field. No matter which way society spins it, people are racist, sexist, and homophobic to everyone who does not look or act exactly like them. Doctors are the people in this world who are supposed to help everyone. They’re here to save lives, and yet in some cases patients will refuse to be helped by a person of color, or a woman wearing a hijab. Dr. Altaf Saadie wrote about her own experiences treating patients in her own hospital. She has been “questioned, insulted, and even attacked because she is a Muslim woman who wears a headscarf.” Professional minority women have to justify their professional qualifications that should automatically speak for themselves. In some extreme cases patients will not even know what their doctor looks like, but if the name doesn’t sound white that person is not a worthy doctor. Every doctor or nurse, no matter what their race, religion, or ethnicity is, has gone to medical school and has been properly trained in their profession. The color
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