Examples Of Technology In Fahrenheit 451

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Have you ever watched TV or played a videogame so much that you feel you are a part of it? In Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury, America in the 21st Century is this lifeless reality. This futuristic society has become a technology obsessed, in which people have more relationships with a “family” on a gigantic screen than their own spouse. The people live in a world in which it is almost necessary to use Seashell earbuds to pass the time of the day and even to simply fall asleep. When technology replaces real people and living things, people will ultimately lose relationships and sight of their own emotions. In 21st century America, people and living things are being surpassed by technology. Part of this society can be credited to the parlor …show more content…

Regularly, Montag refers to Mildred as stone and a wax doll, implying that she is cold and callous. There is an obvious lack of communication between Montag and Mildred, and when there is conversation it is usually an attempt to compromise with each other. For example, Montag says after he hides the books in their home, “If you love me at all you’ll put up with this, twenty-four, forty-eight hours, that’s all I ask, then it’ll be over, I promise, I swear!” (64). Later in the book, Mildred in addition to her friends call the alarm in on Montag for hiding and reading books in their house. This demonstrates how Mildred has become so focused on the “family” and has become one-dimensional by society’s strict rules that she will go against her husband, who she is supposed to be committed to by means of marriage. When Montag escapes from the Hound and the city is destroyed by the war, he recalls that Mildred is in a hotel city and thinks to himself, “It’s strange, I don’t miss her, it’s strange I don’t feel much of anything,” (148). This shows their disconnection from each other, and how they no longer have a desire for each other. The examples of Mildred and Montag’s cold, disconnected marriage prove that technology has invaded their relationship and destroyed

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