How Is Technology Used In Fahrenheit 451

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Writers tend to come up with ideas by putting a twist on things they have experienced and the way they view the world they are living in. Ray Bradbury's childhood memories and views on the world influenced many parts of his book Fahrenheit 451. He was bullied as a fourth grader which led him to write about a future filled with cruel kids. He witnessed a car crash that killed 5 people which led him to express his fears of a world full of car and technology. He also heard about Nazis burning beloved books which led him to write a book about an obedient world where no one thinks.
People who try to bring you down are often the people who teach you to believe in yourself. When Ray Bradbury was in the fourth grade, his classmates often picked on …show more content…

In the 1920s, cars were some of the most classic, powerful, and dangerous cars to be driven. The car wrecks were some of the worst ones ever, partially due to inexpensive cars, bad roads, uneducated drivers, high speeds, and the lack of rules on the road. Drivers license were not needed in most states and there were no traffic signs or enforcers which made it easy for anyone to drive. These cars were not made for safety; they were made for fast production with sharp pieces of metal, breakable glass, and the chance to get thrown out the window on impact. Ray Bradbury witnessed a car wreck when he was 15 years old and was mortified by their dangers ever since. He was walking down the street when he hear the crash. Upon arriving to the scene, he saw 5 people horribly mangled and decapitated. After this one incident, he decided to never drive a car. Ray Bradbury’s view on the situation was extreme and people would often view him as a man who lived his life in fear. People see car crashes and yet they still drive them; people see shark attacks and yet they still swim in the ocean. Most people take the risks and live life, but Ray Bradbury would rather take life slow and steady. His fear of cars is very apparent when Clarisse talks about how she lost 10 of her friends to car …show more content…

When the Nazi Party took over the German Government, they carried this idea out by removing Jewish influence and attempting to purify the German culture. Any books with viewpoints different from the Nazi Party or considered anti-national, such as saying anything bad about the Party or Germany, were blackened out by eliminating it from any media or burning it completely. Many of the books burned were written by Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Jack London, Ernest Hemingway, Sinclair Lewis, and Helen Keller. Albert Einstein's books were burned because he came from a Jewish background and his theory of relativity was thought to be un-German. When Ray Bradbury heard of books being burned by Hitler and his Nazi Party, he was mortified. For someone who got their whole college education from a library full of books, he didn’t understand why anyone would want to burn the knowledge they contain. Ray Bradbury feared that in a world without books, the personal thought and opinions of people would be taken away. He wrote Fahrenheit 451 with similar connections to the Nazi Party about why books were being burned. In Fahrenheit 451, every single book was to be burned because people felt they only brought stress, worry, and distaste. The minorities in the society were often offended by the content in books so, as a way suppress any possibly offensive material, books and newspapers were burned. The government agreed to book

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