Examples Of Technology In Fahrenheit 451

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Ray Bradbury’s message in Fahrenheit 451 is that an obsessive use of technology takes away a person’s true humanity, turning them into their own robots. In Fahrenheit 451, technology takes over the lives of the characters. Throughout the novel, the society obsessively uses technology instead of socializing with each other. The society barely communicates with each other, which Montag is surprised to hear about. Clarisse tells him, “‘People don't talk about anything.’ ‘Oh, they must!’” (28). They’re like lazy robots, they don’t talk to each other, but they don’t do any actions either- besides watching programs. They overuse technology so much that they don’t talk to each other. Clarisse is the only one who notices this, and Montag is shocked …show more content…

Montag is not able to speak with Mildred. He wonders how he can even communicate with her, “‘Wasn’t there an old joke about the wife who talked so much on the telephone that her desperate husband ran out to the nearest store and telephoned her to ask her what was for dinner? Well, then, why didn’t he buy himself an audio-Seashell broadcasting station and talk to his wife late at night...But what would he whisper, what would he yell? What could he say?’” (39). There is no way for Montag to even try to talk to her without having to involve an electronic. Even asking a simple question like what they are going to eat for dinner is hard to ask. She just ignores him because she will only do something if she’s asked via technology. Nobody seems to never be using technology- whether it's robots or seashell headphones, electronics are always used while on the go. The bank no longer has workers, they have robots in place, “...(he had visited the bank which was open all night every night with robot tellers in attendance)...” (88). Instead of having employees working night shifts, there are actual electronic creatures taking over for their …show more content…

Mildred is always listening to her seashells radio, “Late in the night he looked over at Mildred. She was awake. There was a tiny dance of melody in the air, her Seashell was tamped in her ear again and she was listening to far people in far places, her eyes wide and staring at the fathoms of blackness above her in the ceiling’” (39). Instead of talking to her husband or focusing on sleeping, she even listens to her headphones while she should be sleeping. She is so obsessed she can’t even take a break from it when she isn’t in the parlor. When Montag was walking on the street, he has to listen to his radio as well, “‘...as he walked he was listening to the Seashell Radio in one ear’” (88). Everything that they do, whether they’re in the parlor, in the kitchen, or walking down the street, the society has to be listening to some form of technology. It is strange if they are not always obsessing. The society is always using technology no matter what they are doing or could be doing. In Fahrenheit 451, society is affected by technology to think that wrong is right. The society doesn’t appreciate the things they are naturally given, like family and

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