Examples Of True Love In Hamlet

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Is Love Always True Love?
Love is a intense feeling or deep emotion, it is something you show towards a person not just something you confess and then not have any action behind your words. In the book Hamlet written by William Shakespeare Hamlet the prince claims he loves Ophelia but yet he does not show in any way that he truly loves her. Hamlet professes his love for Ophelia, but he does not truly love her because he mistreats her and feels no remorse for killing her father.

In act four Hamlet ‘pretended’ that he didnt love Ophelia because her dad and claudius were watching him. If Hamlet really loved Ophelia then he would not of acted like a douche bag and made Ophelia feel like she meant nothing to him. If he did have to say those things he said to her so he can stay with her he didn 't even bother to send her a letter and tell her why he said the things he said, instead he never contacted her again he just let it be. Hamlet could have been a man and confessed his love for her in front of them and just fight for her.

Another way Hamlet shows he does not love Ophelia is is the fact he feels no harm in his killing of Ophelia dad. In act (IV. I. 8-20) Gertrude is telling Claudius that her son is insane and has murder Polonius. “As mad as the waves and the wind when they struggle together in a storm. In an insane …show more content…

Hamlet has had sex with Ophelia but yet he hasn 't asked for her hand in marriage. In this time area a true man takes a womans hand in marriage and then proceeds to love her. After HAmlet has done his deed with Ophelia he doesn 't ever contact Ophelia after he has told her he didnt love her just for show to prove to her dad they have nothing going on between them. Hamlet is suppose to lead by example and show other men in the kingdom how to act but instead he doesn 't do the proper respectful thing even though he is the prince. He used Ophelia to get

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